Blackburn Airstik Longneck 2Stage Mini Pump

Blackburn Airstik Longneck 2Stage Mini Pump
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Blackburn's Airstik Longneck 2Stage Mini Pump makes airing up easier. This pump boasts 2 pumping modes, a detachable head and even a hose to make the job quick and nearly effortless. Just push the button at the end of the handle to pick your mode. Low moves a lot of air per stroke for fat, low-pressure tires, while the high mode makes the pumping easier on higher-pressure road rubber. You'll love the detachable head that fits Schrader and Presta valves, a flip out foot peg to make inflation easier, and the hidden hose that makes it easy to reach your wheel. There's also an aluminum barrel and shaft that ensure long-term reliability.

The detachable head with flexible hose attachment allows for more convenient pumping.

Part Numbers

768686887642 2038269 ACACPU00017