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Kinetic inRide

Kinetic inRide
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Benefit from tracking the most interesting, accurate, valuable, motivating and fun information while you're riding your Kinetic trainer with their inRide Watt Meter. It uses Bluetooth communication technology to pair a power sensor pod with Kinetic's inRide iPhone app so you can track your wattage with any Kinetic fluid trainer (smartphones and trainers sold separately). Tailor your workouts to meet your riding goals by logging your entire workout history, and even email your data to a coach for analysis, training, and planning. With the easy-to-install sensor and quick-download app, you'll be rolling and logging data in no time.

InRide sensor transmits

  • Power
  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Distance

Power data includes

  • TSS
  • nPower
  • iFactor
  • Mean maximal power and time-in-power zones

Part Numbers

851061001341 T-2002 210000030646