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Swix Nordic, standard aluminum
Cylindrical aluminum pole in black with Touring handle, straight strap, and fixed basket. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic skiing and cruising. Details: - Aluminium pole - For groomed trails - Beginners pole - Durable pole - Net weight (kg): .56
Swix Quantum 4
$100.00 - $119.95
The Quantum Four is a completely new composite pole with high stiffness and durability which makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of skiers from the avid tour skier to the Birkebeiner skier. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort. The TBS system allows for easy and fast change of basket. The poles are delivered with the 97 large TBS baskets. Specifications: - Stiffness: 32mm - Shaft weight: 81gr/m - Strength: >75kp - Total weight: 155cm pole: 192 grams Diameters & lengths: - Handle: 16mm, - Basket: 10mm. 135cm - 180cm. 5cm interval Details: - Racing Composite pole - For groomed trails - Strong and durable pole - TBS system
Swix Quantum 6
The Quantum Six is the entry-level composite pole from Swix with well-proven components such as a PCU handle, 97 baskets covering all trail conditions. The pole is the first and foremost touring pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort. Specifications: - Stiffness: 47mm - Shaft weight: 98gr/m - Strength: Almost unbreakable - Total weight 155cm pole: 212 grams Diameters & lengths: - Handle 16mm, basket 10mm. 135 cm - 180cm. 5cm interval Details: - Composite entry level - For groomed trails - Durable composite pole - Well-proven Swix components
Scott 540 P-Lite Black Pole
KEY FEATURES - Good resistance and strength - 18mm Shaft Diameter - Increased grip - Durable steel tip - Unbeatable hold The SCOTT 540 P-Lite pole is a solid sturdy pole that also offers good value for money. Construction: - S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft - 18mm Shaft Diameter - P-Lite Grip - FX24 Male Strap - 3.6 Basket - PA Adapter with Ice Tip S2 ALUMINUM S2 aluminum shafts show a great quality-to-price ratio with good resistance and strength.
Scott Scrapper SRS Pole
KEY FEATURES - Strong and resistant aluminum - Ergonomically designed grip - Unbeatable hold - 18mm Shaft Diameter - additional back-hand support - Aerodynamic efficiency and durability The new S3 Aluminum SCOTT Scrapper features our SRS strap, bringing elevated safety to a more freeride design. Construction: - S3 Aluminum Alloy Shaft - 18mm Shaft Diameter - Notch Grip - SRS FX 15x25 Strap - 3.6 Basket - Ice Tip TECHNOLOGIES: S.R.S. SYSTEM The SCOTT S.R.S (Strap Release System) allows the strap to release in sketchy situations. S3 ALUMINIUM S3 aluminum shafts are computer engineered and manufactured with high-grade aluminum.
Scott Team Issue SRS Pole
KEY FEATURES - Highly durable aluminum finishing - High strength-to-weight ratio - Ergonomically designed grip - 3.6 / Powder Basket - 18mm Shaft Diameter The SCOTT Team Issue SRS features the tried, tested, and true S4 aluminum shaft that our elite team of skiers believes in. The innovative Strap Release System (SRS) releases the strap from the pole in sketchy situations to prevent injury. Construction: - 18mm Shaft Diameter - 7075 Alloy Shaft - All Mountain M Basket (60mm) - Alu Ring - Carbide Freeride Tip - Notch Grip - Powder Basket (80mm) - SRS Mountain Strap - Size: 110-140 TECHNOLOGIES: S4 ALUMINUM S4 aluminum poles are twice as strong as the industry standard. S.R.S. SYSTEM The SCOTT S.R.S (Strap Release System) allows the strap to release in sketchy situations.
Salomon Kaloo Junior
Durable, lightweight, and comfortable in smaller hands, Kaloo is ready for any jr ski day. - High-quality aluminum shaft is strong and light - The right size and shape grip to fit kids hands - Kids specific grip, strap, and basket
Leki Artena Airfoil 3D
The ARTENA AIRFOIL 3D is a confident ski pole engineered for performance all over the mountain. Function and style blend perfectly with the unique "airfoil" shaped shaft. Slim, sophisticated performance and styling topped off with our NEW Trigger 3D SL grip. A race inspired grip with an innovative multi-directional release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. Paired with our Mesh Frame Strap, providing comfort and control allowing for a close grip with any glove or mitt.
Leki Bliss
Great looks and "Bliss"ful feel make this an outstanding value and performer!
Leki Neolite Airfoil Women's
The NEOLITE AIRFOIL is a sporty pole built around the unique 14mm airfoil shaft. The airfoil shape allows for dynamic feel and fine tuned swing-weight. Paired with the grippy, low profile ProG PAS grip and performance basket for the perfect all mountain ski pole.
Leki Pitch Back
The PITCH BACK is a no nonsense freeride pole that is ready to take on every aspect of the mountain. The Pro-G PAS grip offers excellent control and an extremely close connection to the pole. With two interchangeable baskets allowing you to explore the mountain in a variety of conditions.
Armada AK Adjustable
When durability and adjustability are paramount, the AK Adjustable is your go-to pole for a day on the slopes. Built with 7075series Aluminum, this adjustable pole will take any abuse you can throw at it, while adjusting easily to up-down or across the hill travel. EVA Foam Grip gives you the confidence of good grip and the ability to change hand placement as the vertical varies. - 7075 Aluminum Shaft - 16mm Upper shaft /18mm Lower - EVA Foam Grip - 80mm Basket - Steel Tip
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